PowerfulYears of experience in the production of goggles

Accumulated many years of industry experience, specializing in the production of various series of diving and swimming sports products such as medical goggles, snorkeling masks, diving masks, snorkels, swimming goggles, diving suits, fins, etc., strictly guarantee product quality


Strong production capacity1 million+ pieces per year

With its own brand "PIKOBELLO", we can provide you with high-quality and low-cost goggles. With a plant area of more than 1,000 square meters and an annual output of more than 1 million pieces, the stable supply capacity will avoid your worries.


Quality AssurancePerfect quality management system

Strictly implement the requirements of quality standards, strictly implement the process and operation specifications, and set up multiple quality inspection procedures. Each product has undergone strict quality inspection to ensure that you can provide you with high-quality sports goods.


Intimate after-sales24 hours delivery

With mature integrated logistics and distribution services, delivery within 24 hours, to provide customers with fast and reliable delivery services, high-quality business team to quickly respond to needs, considerate after-sales implementation of one-to-one service, so that you can rest assured, rest assured, Worry free



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Address:Room 105, Building 3, No. 2, Dongfu Road, Dawei, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Good factory Must pay attention to 4 elements

Blue Dolphin sports goods, teach you to choose the right manufacturer

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Have a one-stop production workshop

With foreign certified high-tech production workshops, one-stop supporting quality is guaranteed, high efficiency, and faster delivery!

Equipment defects, outsourced layer by layer

The production process is not perfect, there are no engineering quality control personnel, simple production process workshops and machinery and equipment, complex procedures can only rely on foreign aid, layered outsourcing, quality is not guaranteed, and delivery is not timely!

Production process and quality control

Professional product pre-assessment analysis and mold flow plan, project follow-up responsibility to the engineer, production process strictly in accordance with the international standard P implementation of production, subdivision management, process full inspection, comprehensive quality supervision and control, all production and manufacturing are completed internally without outsourcing , The quality is more guaranteed.

Understaffed, cutting corners

The management is chaotic, one person has multiple jobs, the turnover rate of production technicians and management is high, the quality standards are not clear, the process is not clear, from production to production cut corners, leading to endless production abnormalities, halfway negotiation of conditions or price increases, and even forcing customers to downgrade and accept.

Detailed exterior, comfortable interior

Professional designers add adhesive joint design according to the line type that the human body conforms to, so that the product size is stable, the edge line is clear, and the applicability and durability are ensured

Rough surface, pits and bumps inside

The sample design is not innovative, there are many overall defects, raw materials are not rigorously selected to use, the production process is chaotic, there are few missing procedures, the material quality is unstable, the product is of no grade, and the scrap rate remains high.

Own brand, high quality and low price

With many years of rich experience in the industry, we can make sports products that are rare in the industry, as well as diversified supporting services. The products are comfortable and durable, which saves customers worry and time.

Single material, single service

There is only a single material choice, materials and processes are limited, industry awareness is low, and services are limited by scale and cannot meet customer needs.

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Why you choose us

  • 01 Focus 专注

    PLKOBELLO brand deeply cultivates swimming sports equipment products, perfect interpretation.

  • 02 Innovation 创新

    The swimming sports products under the PIKOBELLO brand continue to evolve, and they have won a number of patents.

  • 03 Passion 激情

    PIKOBELLO brand design team are all swimming enthusiasts, love life, and bravely challenge themselves. We integrate this passion into product design to deliver the ultimate user experience.

「Three major services」Build a reputation for integrity

Customer demand-oriented customer service support and solutions

Pre-sale service
Before cooperation, a professional project evaluation engineer will be connected to optimize the product structure through in-depth communication, confirm the correct selection of materials and processes, give customers reasonable suggestions, reduce communication in the process, and effectively avoid problems in production .
In-sale service
In the cooperation, there are dedicated engineers and business specialists docking, and the project manager controls the process, actively communicates and interacts, discovers problems in time, communicates with timeliness, and protects production delivery.
After-sales service
After-sales service meets any problems requested by customers, professional QE and engineering personnel will connect and respond on the same day; and promptly go to the site to confirm, discuss, and solve problems to meet customer production needs and avoid shutdowns.

Blue Dolphin Sports Goods· Customization process

One-stop service, saving time and effort

  • Call Call
  • Confirm Confirm
  • Proofing Proofing
  • Service Service
  • Ship Ship
  • Testing Testing
  • Produce Produce
  • Sample Sample

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L.T. Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Blue Dolphin Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, where there is a very deep foundation of precision manufacturing and a forward-looking innovation culture.

Dongguan Blue Dolphin Sports Goods Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of medical goggles, snorkeling masks, diving masks, snorkels, swimming goggles, diving suits, fins and other series of diving and swimming sports products. The company is an enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and export. It has its own mold workshop, CNC numerical control machine tool, liquid silicone molding machine, injection workshop, dust-free workshop, and production line. Our company provides our customers with medical goggles and various swimming sports equipment with world-class quality and reasonable prices.

  • 2014

    Year Founded

  • 300+

    Ten thousand Registered Capital

  • 5000+

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    Company Employees

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