A good figure becomes a weapon for appearance! Flip through the Victorias Secret swimsuit catalogue highlights and beautiful photos, winter fitness practice devil body shape

2020-07-17 0
The sexy supermodel is back! Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret) released the second wave of the 2015 swimwear series LookBook. Do you envy the sexy figures of the models? Come and make up for fitness knowledge in winter!

The sexy supermodel body is back! Victoria's Secret (Victoria's Secret) released the second wave of the swimwear series LookBook, Lily Aldridge (Lily Aldridge), Joan Smalls (Joan Smalls), Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima) and other super This time the model took a swimsuit catalogue exposure on the beach in Puerto Rico. Apart from the aura and sexiness on the show, Joan Smalls and others appeared to be very casual on the beach, posing a variety of poses for photographers to take pictures, and the 2015 swimsuit series has also selected the angel supermodel Behati Purin Behati Prinsloo appeared in the endorsement. As the spokesperson of the baby-faced model, Behati's actions are always slightly sweet and funny. Other models also have their own characteristics. Let's look through their beach swimsuit photos!

Every winter, when people's appetites are swollen, in order to wear sexy swimsuits in summer, many people put fitness on the agenda, but they don't know which exercises to do in the face of the accumulated fat. Indoors in winter, with heating, the temperature is more suitable, all indoor sports are suitable, but it is worth noting that whether you exercise indoors or outdoors, you must fully warm up. In order to let yourself be able to see and wear the swimsuits on the models, first follow the poster to see how to exercise in winter!