Teach you how to choose the quality swimming goggles that suit you

2020-07-17 0

Choosing a good goggles can start from the materials, performance, shape, appearance and price of the goggles:

  Material: The lens is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, the headband, the nose bridge, and the frame and the chassis are made of pure silicone material (silica gel), which is harmless to the human body, and feels very soft and comfortable to wear.

Performance: In addition to racing goggles, ordinary goggles, and myopia goggles are functionally distinguished. Good goggles also have high-performance 100% anti-ultraviolet treatment, sealing function, and protect the eyes and prevent damage. .

  Appearance: A well-made goggles, the appearance of the lines should be very smooth, with a good water pressure design, the color is very soft, and it can be distinguished from the appearance of racing goggles or ordinary goggles. At the same time, it comes with exquisite packaging.

   Price: The price of a good swimming goggles is generally between RMB200-RMB1000. Of course, swimming goggles with design characteristics will be more expensive.

   In addition to choosing good swimming goggles, the correct use of swimming goggles is also very important.

   Inspection before use: Check all parts of the swimming goggles carefully before use. If the lens has scratches that hinder the line of sight, and the headband, nose bridge and chassis of the frame are cracked, please do not use it.

   Correct wearing method: Before use, the lenses of the swimming goggles should be wetted to achieve the best anti-fog effect. When wearing it, pay attention to adjusting the tightness of the headband according to your face shape to avoid tenderness (injury) to your face. What I want to remind users here is: racing goggles should not be worn for too long.

  Occasions of use: The general occasions for swimming goggles are indoor and outdoor swimming venues. Indoor use mainly prevents various bleaching agents in the water from irritating the eyes: outdoor use is to avoid ultraviolet rays in the sun and protect the eyes. Please don't use it in high platform diving, cliff diving or rocky beaches and other outside situations. In addition, swimming goggles are exclusively for swimming, please do not use them for other purposes.

   Cleaning after use: clean the swimming goggles after use. Please use fresh water for slow buffer washing (such as entering fine substances such as sand). Then shake dry vigorously or dry in a cool place. Do not wipe with a towel or fingers to avoid scratching and blurring the lens. Knowing how to use swimming goggles correctly can not only help you use swimming goggles safely, but also extend the service life of swimming goggles.