Buying Guide for Myopia Goggles

2020-07-17 0

Buy myopia goggles first pick the degree

   The quality of the lenses of swimming goggles is related to physical health, and it is even more important for myopia goggles. At present, the myopia swimming goggles on the market are basically made of plastic steel reinforced treatment, polycarbonate, silicone and other types, and have added water-proof fog and anti-ultraviolet functions.

   At present, the lenses of myopia swimming goggles are divided into two types: surface micro-convex mirror surface and absolute flat mirror surface. The style of the surface slightly convex mirror is no different from ordinary swimming goggles. This kind of lens is affected by a certain amount of refraction under water, so consumers should pay attention to a difference calculation during the purchase process. The absolute plane mirror is slightly lower and flatter than the general swimming goggles. The advantage of this swimming goggles is that there is no difference effect due to refraction in the water.

   The choices of these two types of myopia goggles are also different. For example, there is a kind of sable myopia swimming goggles that is an absolute flat mirror. When purchasing, consumers can directly choose according to the degree of myopia of their eyes. At present, most of the myopia swimming goggles are mainly micro-convex mirrors on the surface. When consumers choose, they should generally consider purchasing according to their actual degree minus 50-100 degrees. For example, if your myopia is 500 degrees, then when choosing swimming goggles, you should choose 400 degrees or 450 degrees.

   myopia goggles and ordinary swimming goggles

   Myopia goggles are no different from ordinary swimming goggles in appearance, except that the lenses of the goggles are equipped with power. It is a swimming goggles specially designed for swimming enthusiasts with myopia.

   Consumers who choose myopic swimming goggles still have different emphasis. Young people prefer swimming goggles with bright colors, full of fashion and outstanding personality. Some middle-aged and elderly people said that when they choose myopia goggles, they pay more attention to practical aspects such as the quality and comfort of the goggles, and the color is still the solemn color.

There are more than ten brands of myopic goggles such as eyeline, SPEEDO, sable, Yalijia, Hosa, Minglang, Zhouke, Heatwave, Ailang, Veyron, etc., and their production areas also cover Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shenzhen, Qingdao, Guangdong and many other regions. Although there are no well-known foreign brands, brands such as eyeline, yalijia, haosha, minglang, and heatlang are also very popular.

  In addition to the traditional black, there are also different colors such as blue and coffee. Using it to match the colorful swimsuits adds a lot of fashion sense and meets the needs of some consumers in pursuit of individuality.

  The lens power of these myopia swimming goggles is mostly between 150 degrees and 800 degrees, basically every 50 degrees is used as a segmentation standard. For medium and high myopia, it is more necessary to wear myopia goggles. As for the price of myopia goggles, there is not much difference between the price of ordinary swimming goggles. A pair of myopia goggles is about 150-400 yuan. According to reports, such pricing is mainly determined by the brand of myopic swimming goggles and the texture of lens materials.

   Price is followed by quality

  At the sales counters of various shopping malls, the reporter learned that the sales of myopia swimming goggles are relatively good. Xidan Shopping Center and Beijing Juntai Department Store have newly added sales of myopia goggles this year. Their sales staff told reporters that although there are only a few months of sales, many consumers here come to inquire and buy every day. Especially in July, August and September, when swimming is the most frequent, the sales situation is also very promising. Some shopping malls have been selling myopia goggles for some time. According to the person in charge of the sports and leisure department there, they introduced and sold myopia goggles as soon as they were launched. Take a wait-and-see attitude. This year, due to the gradual popularity of swimming and attracting the public, many people want to have a relatively good set of swimming equipment for leisure and entertainment, so swimming goggles are also essential. Consumers have increased their understanding of the specific conditions of myopia goggles, which has attracted some consumers, especially those suffering from myopia, to come and buy. Their sales staff also told reporters that in summer, dozens of consumers usually come to inquire about purchases every day, and if it is a weekend holiday, the traffic can reach hundreds of people.

  Product details need to be improved

   Most of the myopia goggles sold today generally have the same left and right eye powers on the two lenses on a pair of swimming goggles. This is a headache for consumers with different myopia powers. In the current situation, the sales staff generally recommend the lower myopia of one eye as the standard to purchase, so this is bound to cause certain damage to the eye.