Pick swimming goggles, don’t just focus on anti-fog

2020-07-17 0

Many people pay attention to anti-fogging when buying swimming goggles. In fact, the anti-fogging period of new swimming goggles is mostly 3 months. After 3 months, an anti-fog coating needs to be applied.

   When swimming, you must choose a good pair of goggles, first to see the underwater situation clearly, and second, to protect your eyes. Choose high-resolution lenses. When buying, carefully observe the clarity, light transmittance and anti-fog effect of the mirror. Hemispherical mirrors can be used for short-term swimming, and the visual perception is clear and true to more than 95%; flat swimming goggles for long-term swimming can prevent myopia, but the mirror surface is likely to cause wave marks, and the perspective effect is not good.

  The suction power of the glasses gasket should be moderate, not as tight as possible. At present, the swimming goggles on the market are mainly made of rubber, silicone, etc. Among them, rubber is the most traditional material. It is harder, easy to age, and cheap; silicone products are harmless to the skin, suitable for allergic people, and have strong anti-aging properties.

   When checking the waterproof performance, first put the mirror face down, press the swimming goggles on the eyes, feel the suction of the gasket, and lightly press the lens to exhaust the air in the mirror. If the suction is moderate, it means that there is no problem with waterproofing.

  Of course, the waterproof performance will vary slightly depending on the shape of the face, so be sure to try it yourself when purchasing. The softness of the gasket should be moderate, too hard will cause eye bone pain, too soft will cause high intraocular pressure, will affect the use.