Purchase and use of children's swimming goggles

2020-07-17 0

1. Goggles must be necessary

   In order to prevent eye diseases, babies need to wear swimming goggles when swimming. For babies who are new to swimming, wearing swimming goggles can also correct the problem of not opening their eyes in the water.

  2, the quality of swimming goggles is very important

   When choosing flat swimming goggles, the quality of the goggles lens is very important. If the surface is uneven, it will not only affect the line of sight, but also damage the eyes and affect the baby's vision. Good swimming goggles are made of silicone headbands. Silicone is soft and comfortable, with strong adsorption and good elasticity. When choosing, it is best to let the baby wear it in advance to see if the frame and eye mask are tightly bonded to the eye socket. Many swimming goggles have an anti-fog function, a hydrophilic anti-fog layer is formed on the mirror surface, and an anti-ultraviolet design.

   3. Pay attention to details when using swimming goggles

   It should be noted that the part of the swimming goggles that contacts the baby’s eyes is a closed space, and wearing it for a long time can easily lead to hypoxia in the eyes. Therefore, it is best for the baby to take off the swimming lens after half an hour of use, so that the eyes can be filled with fresh air in time. After the swimming goggles are used, they need to be rinsed with clean water and air-dried naturally, and placed in a mirror box for storage in a dark place. Never place the swimming goggles in a high temperature environment.