Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the five methods of anti-fog swimming goggles

2020-07-17 0

The lenses of newly bought swimming goggles are generally coated with an anti-fog layer, but after a period of use, the anti-fog layer is washed off, and the lenses appear foggy when swimming, which affects the vision during swimming. In this case, a period of optional goggles defogging agent, spray or coated on the lens, but the price of defogging agent is very expensive.

   1. Use "Johnson & Johnson brand baby shampoo" instead, the effect is very good, and the price is cheap.

  How to use: Before swimming, squeeze a drop of baby shampoo into the palm of your hand, dip the index finger of your other hand and apply it on the lens. Rinse the goggles with water in the swimming pool during swimming. There is no fog on the lens when swimming, and it will not irritate the eyes. It is a good anti-fogging agent substitute for swimming goggles.

  Second, egg white

   Beat the eggs into a bowl, and then use a cotton braze or hand to smear the inside of the mirror surface of the swimming goggles. After an hour or two, it will be enough to keep it from getting fogged for a few days.

   Disadvantages: go to the market to buy eggs, easy to mold

   Three, saliva

This method is more commonly used. Before swimming, you must wet your glasses. Of course, you have to rinse your mouth and then directly lick the endoscope. After you finish it, you can take it directly upstream. It does not matter whether you wash it or not. If it fogs up during swimming Just lick it directly. Many people who have been swimming for a while know this method, and the effect is still very good. The mouth is clean when you lick, don't just eat something.

   Four, apply toothpaste or soapy water

   You can put on a little toothpaste or soapy water at home, go to the swimming pool for a little bath, but the anti-fog time is not very long.

   Disadvantages: sour eyes

   Five, detergent solution

  The main function of general detergent is to remove oil stains. I don't know if it damages the anti-fog film. However, the water stains left by the swimming goggles may be left after the water with the body lotion or shampoo evaporates. It is recommended that the swimming goggles be soaked in pure water for a while and then gently wipe with a soft cloth or cotton.

   Disadvantages: Need to prepare in advance and mix thoroughly with water