6 tips to prevent water leakage in diving mask

2020-07-17 0

Novice divers are particularly afraid of leaking masks when they are in the sea, especially undocumented vacationers. When snorkeling, the mask entered the water, and the whole person was in a hurry. The experience of choking on the water and flushing the face has been experienced by many friends... However, if you follow the following simple tips, you can ensure your The mask fits your face perfectly, avoiding common mask leaks.

Diving mask is one of the first products that you will think of to buy before learning to dive. In the beginning, there was little research on mask equipment. It is very likely that when choosing a mask, you will consider the price, shape and color, and ignore some details that may bring small hidden dangers, such as not considering the diving depth.

Tips to prevent water leakage in diving mask"

Budget a little bit more on the cost of your mask

Masks are one of the cheapest items in diver equipment. Cost more than 100 or 200 ocean masks, you will deeply experience the difference after many dives. Unlike BCD, which often differ by thousands or thousands, as long as the difference is a few hundred yuan, the mask will be qualitatively different.

Tips to prevent water leakage in diving mask"

Of course, the price difference mentioned here does not include the diving aristocratic equipment such as the Poseidon (POSEIDO) Poseidon, which is often thousands of dollars (above). However, brands like TUSA, SCUBAPRO, and AQUA-LUNG can still have a budget price of about 100 yuan, if you are a diver.

Tips to prevent water leakage in diving mask"

TUSA Splendive IV

Scuba diving masks are more expensive than snorkeling masks, generally because they use better materials. But there are also special circumstances, such as the same material between different brands, and the price varies.

Select parameters

(1) Some functions are necessary for scuba diving, but not necessarily for snorkeling masks. First of all, the scuba diving mask for licensed divers should be tempered glass. If it is, there will be a mark on the product performance.

Tips to prevent water leakage in diving mask"

You can see TEMP. on the mirror


(2) The visor skirt is where most quality and cost differences come into play. The skirt refers to the part that connects around the lens and is attached to the face. Silicone is almost a high-quality material that exists for the skirt of a mask. The better the quality of the silicone, the greater the flexibility, which can better fit the diver's face. The best silicone is medical grade, followed by food grade. Silica gel with a quality below food grade cannot be used for scuba diving, but snorkeling is acceptable.

The contact between the mask and the face should have a double edge with a double sealing effect. The skirt should also contain the nose bag, and should be flexible enough and have a certain amount of space for movement, because you need to backlog the nose part outside the nose bag to balance your drop.

The mask strap is usually a silicone sheet attached to the skirt. It’s just that silicone is too sticky. Now many divers use neoprene masks to cover the original silicone tape to prevent entanglement of hair. Adjusting the tightness of the mask band is also crucial to the experience of the mask.


Tightening some mask straps does not necessarily mean that the mask does not leak water

Some divers are afraid that the mask will fall off, and will subconsciously pull the mask tightly. In fact, it is completely unnecessary. No benefit will cause damage to the skirt of the mask and cause deformation. A good quality mask can get the best experience effect when adjusted to the extent that it does not press down or fall off according to the shape of your face, and it will not fall off during a dive. No need to do wasteful work.


How to make sure that your mask fits your face?

There are two tests you can do to make sure the mask is suitable for you.

  • Eye view: Flip up the mask belt, and place the mask in the middle of the face in front of the mirror to see if the mask is just on the left and right of the cheekbones, and does not extend beyond the cheeks. Also, check whether the nose bag is enough. Finally, look around and feel how you look at.

  • Try it on: Flip the mask strap to the front of the mask, pin the front hair behind the ears, and place the mask on a suitable position on the face. Take a breath, if the mask is suitable, the mask will be firmly on the face and will not fall off.


Be sure to wear your mask correctly

Tips to prevent water leakage in diving mask"

Before diving, make sure that the mask is in a suitable position in the middle and no hair is pressed against the skirt. The height of the strap should be in the middle of the visor, not too high or too low.

The mask strap should not be so tight that the skirt of the mask presses down on your face. The main function of the mask strap is to fix it. Putting the strap in the wrong position may cause the skirt to leak.

Do not laugh while diving, the mask may get into the water when the muscles shake.


Keep your mask, just like other valuable equipment

Do not place heavy objects on the mask. Long-term stacking of items on the mask will cause the skirt of the mask to be compressed and deformed; the side of the glass lens should always face up and away from hard objects that may scratch the mask. When not in use, it is best to store it in a plastic mirror box.


Cleaning and maintenance

You only need to be gentle with your mask, it can accompany you to swim under the sea for several years or even more than ten years.

Try to keep your mask away from direct sunlight;

After each dive, soak the mask in fresh water for about 1 hour. Then use fresh water and baby shampoo to wash the mask and mask box separately. Pay attention that no sand is left in the seal. And whether the nose bag and skirt are placed in the correct position of the mask box;

After cleaning, use a microfiber cloth (glass cloth material) to wipe dry the mask.

In fact, the steps are very simple. A mask that can be maintained in this way after each use can often be used for several years and still shine as new.